Instruction to builders

The term "well-planned is half done" is true also in construction. If you need help in advancing the construction project, please contact our company. We will gladly advise you on how to build with concrete sustainably and with high quality.

The scheduling of the construction phases should be done carefully and should start after the architectural drawings from building design so that all the drawings are largely finished already in the tender stage. We can also offer a complete package for precast element design. The drawings for the electrical and HVAC plans should also to be completed no later than when the construction materials are ordered. In precast concrete construction, it is particularly important to know the elements of the design elements of the production structure. The measurement of sockets, piping, apertures and reserves must be carefully planned prior to the movement to production of the elements in order to avoid chiseling and diamond sawing finished precast elements on site.

The installation of precast concrete installation requires careful foundation work to be done, a crane and a qualified crew for the installation of the elements. Both cost savings and maintaining the schedule are achieved through the efforts of the entire organization and advanced planning in building.

In your planning, deliveries with free access to the construction site with a heavy full trailer must be taken into account. Particularly for the plots on hills, the n